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Planner and Designer | Project Manager

Eclectic, like my way of being and of approaching everything.


I am Elena Satta, a woman born in 1984, an only daughter, born and raised in Sassari, with a strong sense of family; after finishing school and having used all my energy in studies at the faculty of architecture, I realized that designing was not meant in the strict sense in the building sector, and it was then that I decided to handle art , creativity , aesthetic taste and design in other forms and in other places. A project is an experience ... but also an event !
Convinced supporter of training, I therefore decided to deepen my knowledge in the field of events, choosing the highest professional schools, participating in level Masterclasses and obtaining qualifications and certificates of great professional and even before experiential value .

Thus was born, with courage, after still other years of preparation and experience, Eclettica, a new reality in the world of event organization; my personal profile dedicated to socializing and my passion in helping people to organize their own event gave life to this project ... "Eclettica Eventi".

Eclectic .... in the creation of welcoming, suggestive or fun settings; ready to give shape to ideas, requests and desires that each client has for his event.  Attention to detail is fundamental for me and nothing can be left to chance. Everything is done with minutiae; one of my peculiarities is the "handmade" realization of everything that can be worked manually, avoiding the industrial,  remaining totally faithful to the theme and style of the event, but with an extra focus on sustainability.

My goal?
Make sure your most important events are truly memorable and fun.

The adjective "eclectic" perfectly embodies my mood: flexible and capable of satisfying all the needs and tastes of my customers, mixing elements, styles, colors and characters in perfect coexistence, balance and harmony; this is also thanks to a series of strategic partnerships that I have cultivated over the years.


I hope you will choose Eclettica for your next event. You will not regret. 


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